2020 to 2022 Kawasaki STX160 safety recall: ‘stop riding immediately’

The Kawasaki STX160 Jet Ski has been recalled in Australia for the second time in 18 months to fix the same fault. Owners have been advised not to operate the watercraft until the safety recall has been completed. 

Jet Ski waiting times: What to do if you’re stuck in a queue

A severe shortage of Jet Skis and personal watercraft over the Australian summer has been compounded by a sharp increase in demand. Here’s our advice if you’re stuck in the queue.

2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 prices announced, first shipments sold out

Australian prices for the 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 range have revealed increases of at least $4500, plus a $1399 dealer handling fee. With limited stock, the first shipments have already sold out. 

2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 lights: Are they legal? Australian authorities divided

Daytime running lights are an industry-first feature on the 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Jet Ski range. Australian authorities are divided on their legality. Here’s what each state says.

VIDEO: 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Jet Ski, everything you need to know

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The 2022 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Jet Ski has been unveiled 14 years after this platform was introduced – with a redesigned top deck and industry firsts such as the option of four speakers, a rear camera, and LED daytime running lights.