Sea-Doo ST3 owners snap-up Explorer Pro windshields

The windscreen on the 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro initially received mixed reactions, but it looks like Sea-Doo is onto something as an increasing number of owners retro-fit other ST3 models such as the Fish Pro and supercharged GTX 300.

Sea-Doo appears to be onto something with the windshield on the 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro – the world’s first Jet Ski with a factory-fitted windscreen.

Photos shared on social media in recent weeks show owners of other Sea-Doo ST3-based models – such as the Sea-Doo Fish Pro and Sea-Doo GTX 300 Limited – completing DIY fitments of the windshield from the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro.

Given the 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro shares its deck and hull with other ST3-based models manufactured since 2018, the parts bolt straight on – including the windshield, base, and quick-release mechanism.

One Sea-Doo owner in the US said he bought the parts online for $US399 plus taxes. Sea-Doo dealers in Australia have quoted estimates of $AU700 as a complete kit.

The Sea-Doo factory has been caught short by the unexpected demand for Explorer Pro windshields, with some dealers in the US restricting how many they sell over the parts counter.

Sea-Doo dealers in Australia have told Watercraft Zone there is already a three-month wait for Explorer Pro windshield kits locally – and confirmed the trend in the US is happening here too.

“We’ve taken orders from owners of the Fish Pro and supercharged models who want to fit the windscreen to their skis,” one Sea-Doo dealer told Watercraft Zone.

The Sea-Doo parts catalogue says the ‘Touring Windshield’ kit can be fitted to the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Sport, Fish Pro Trophy, Wake Pro, GTX Limited, and RXT-X300.

Despite the recent surge in interest, not everyone is a fan of the windscreen on the 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro.

A number of diehard Jet Ski enthusiasts initially dismissed the windscreen as a gimmick given there is still a high likelihood of the rider getting wet when travelling at speed, especially in rough chop.

But if the reaction on social media is a guide, Sea-Doo has tapped into a segment of the personal watercraft market that has embraced the idea, with some fans saying they would now never ride a Jet Ski without a windscreen.

The DIY upgrade has also attracted its fair share of social media trolls.

One Sea-Doo owner – who upgraded his watercraft with the windshield – posted a photo with a large clip-on rear-view mirror (pictured above).

Even though it was a joke, not everyone spotted the gag.

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