2021 Yamaha WaveRunner prices announced, stock shortages nationwide

As with Sea-Doo and Kawasaki, Yamaha is facing severe stock shortages due to unexpected high demand in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Yamaha WaveRunner dealers in Australia are reporting severe stock shortages across the 2020/2021 summer holidays as demand for watercraft surges in the wake of the coronavirus crisis – as more people choose to holiday at home due to international travel restrictions.

The sharp increase in demand for new Yamaha WaveRunners comes despite price rises of between $100 and $500 across most of Yamaha’s 2021 model range.

The 2021 Yamaha WaveRunner line-up was due to roll out across Australia gradually from November 2020 through to February 2021.

However, delays in production, shipping, and handling at Australian ports have seen most delivery dates pushed back by a month or so. The same stock shortages are also affecting deliveries of new cars, caravans and boats, as buyers prepare to spend more time holidaying in Australia.

The 2021 Yamaha WaveRunner line-up was unveiled in the US in August 2020, but the first batch was not due to arrive in Australia until late November, early December – and even then only selected models will be available. For more details on approximate delivery timing, see the table at the bottom of this story.

Key changes to the 2021 Yamaha WaveRunner range:

The entry-level and compact size EX series (pictured above, in Yamaha EXR trim) and the large flagship FX series WaveRunners (pictured below, in FX SVHO trim) primarily receive colour and trim changes for 2021 because they were introduced as completely new models in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

The 2021 Yamaha FX Series (pictured below) receives minor running changes such as stronger clips in the front storage compartment for the plastic partition between the cargo hold and engine bay, a revised “anti-burping” fuel filler neck insert for faster refuelling, a second update to the software in the digital instrument display to improve fuel gauge accuracy, and a new engine cover for non-supercharged models.  

The big news – as reported here – in the 2021 Yamaha WaveRunner line-up is the major overhaul of the middle-of-the-range VX series and high-performance GP1800R SVHO.

The 2021 VX and GP series has a completely new top-deck design with more storage, adjustable handlebars for the first time, and the fuel tank has been repositioned for better overall weight balance, among other changes.

The hull and engines in the VX and GP series carry over from before. Depending on the model grade, this platform is available with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine, or the supercharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine (in the Yamaha GP1800R SVHO, pictured below). More details here.

The other big news for 2021 is the return of the Yamaha SuperJet after a three-year absence from Australian showrooms. This model, too, has experienced severe stock shortages after the first batch sold out before it even arrived in Australia.

With only a limited allocation of Yamaha SuperJets, dealers in Australia say they have already completely sold out, and are now waiting on another shipment to arrive by the middle of 2021. 

2021 Yamaha WaveRunner pricing:

All prices listed are for the watercraft only, in Australian dollars including GST. The prices exclude trailer and registration fees, which typically add between $1500 and $2000 to the RRP.

 Model (engine capacity)  2020 RRP  2021 RRP  Estimated arrival
Yamaha SuperJet (1.0)  Not available  $13,999  December 2020
Yamaha EX Standard (1.0)  $8499  $8499  November 2020
Yamaha EX Deluxe (1.0)  $11,199  $11,299  November 2020
Yamaha EXR Performance (1.0)  $12,599  $12,699  November 2020
Yamaha VX Deluxe (1.0)  $15,699  $15,799  January 2021
Yamaha VX Limited (1.0)  Not available  $17,199  January 2021
Yamaha VX HO Cruiser (1.8)  $17,899  $17,999  January 2021
Yamaha VX HO Limited (1.8)  Not available  $19,299  January 2021
Yamaha GP1800R HO (1.8)  $18,399  $18,499  December 2020
Yamaha GP1800R SVHO (SC1.8)  $22,499  $22,999  December 2020
Yamaha FX HO (1.8)  $20,499  $20,599  November 2020
Yamaha FX HO Cruiser (1.8)  $21,499  $21,599  November 2020
Yamaha FX SVHO (SC1.8)  $24,799  $24,999  November 2020
Yamaha FX SVHO Cruiser (SC1.8)  $25,799  $25,999  November 2020
Yamaha FX SVHO Limited (SC1.8)  $25,999  $26,199  November 2020

Prices were accurate when this article was published, subject to change.

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