2022 Yamaha WaveRunner prices and model changes

Prices, specifications, and colour changes for the 2022 Yamaha WaveRunner line-up have been revealed before Australian showroom arrivals in early 2022.

Prices for the 2022 Yamaha WaveRunner line-up have been released ahead of Australian showroom arrivals in early 2022.

Most models have come in for colour and trim changes, and price rises of between $300 and $2200.

The cheapest model in the Yamaha WaveRunner range – the 2022 Yamaha EX (pictured below) – now costs $8799 not including trailer and registration.

By coincidence, the 2022 Yamaha EX is now about the same price as the 2022 Sea-Doo Spark two-seater ($8769, just $30 shy of the Yamaha EX), after the Sea-Doo received a 10 per cent price hike.

The Yamaha EXR – the cheapest ticket into a Yamaha performance series watercraft – has been discontinued and replaced by a new model called the 2022 Yamaha JetBlaster (pictured below).

Based on the Yamaha EXR, the 2022 Yamaha JetBlaster has rear step wedges and an adjustable trim function for the jet pump nozzle, to help it perform stunts – although Yamaha says it has not been designed to get quite as vertical as the Sea-Doo Spark Trixx.

The middle-of-the-range 2022 Yamaha VX WaveRunner series has received colour and trim changes and a modest price bump of between $600 and $700 depending on the model (see complete price list below).

The high-performance, supercharged 2022 Yamaha GP1800R SVHO returns to two colour options in Australia for this coming model year, both at the same price ($25,099, up $2100). Read more about the 2022 Yamaha GP1800R SVHO updates here.

The big news for the 2022 Yamaha WaveRunner range is the massive overhaul to the flagship FX series, which gains factory-fitted speakers, new touchscreen technology with navigation and smartphone integration and, most importantly, a new heavy-duty hull made from SMC fibreglass.

The switch to stronger (albeit heavier) hull material for the 2022 Yamaha FX WaveRunner series will likely come as a relief to hardcore ocean riders, and lifeguards across Australia who regularly ‘beach’ their skis.

Reflecting the significant changes across the entire 2022 Yamaha FX WaveRunner range, prices have risen by between $2000 and $2200 (see price list below).

Read about the 2022 Yamaha FX WaveRunner series in detail here.

As this article was published, Yamaha Australia was yet to confirm whether the RecDeck fishing accessory series (pictured above) to suit FX WaveRunners made from 2019 onwards will be sold locally.

Price estimates for the Yamaha RecDeck fishing accessory range in Australia are yet to be announced, however using US pricing as a guide, the main platform is expected to cost close to $1500, not including add-on extras such as the cooler box or seat.

All prices listed below are in Australian dollars including GST – but excluding trailer and registration, which typically add between $2000 and $2500 to the RRP, depending on trailer type and registration fees in each state.

 Model (engine capacity)  2020 RRP  2021 RRP  2022 RRP
Yamaha SuperJet (1.0)  Not available in Australia  $13,999  $14,499
Yamaha EX Standard (1.0)  $8499  $8499  $8799
Yamaha EX Deluxe (1.0)  $11,199  $11,299  $11,699
Yamaha EXR Performance (1.0)  $12,599  $12,699  Discontinued
Yamaha JetBlaster  New model for 2022  New model for 2022  $13,399
Yamaha VX Deluxe (1.0)  $15,699  $15,799  $16,399
Yamaha VX Limited (1.0)  Not available in Australia  $17,199  Not available in Australia
Yamaha VX Cruiser (1.0)  New model for 2022  New model for 2022  $17,799 (sound system)
Yamaha VX HO Cruiser (1.8)  $17,899  $17,999  $18,699
Yamaha VX HO Limited (1.8)  Not available in Australia  $19,299  Not available in Australia
Yamaha GP1800R HO (1.8)  $18,399  $18,499  $20,399 (sound system)
Yamaha GP1800R SVHO (SC1.8)  $22,499  $22,999  $25,099 (sound system)
Yamaha FX HO (1.8)  $20,499  $20,599  $22,599 (sound system)
Yamaha FX HO Cruiser (1.8)  $21,499  $21,599  $23,599 (sound system)
Yamaha FX SVHO (SC1.8)  $24,799  $24,999  $27,199 (sound system)
Yamaha FX SVHO Cruiser (SC1.8)  $25,799  $25,999  $28,199 (sound system)
Yamaha FX SVHO Limited (SC1.8)  $25,999  $26,199  $28,399 (sound system)

Prices were accurate when this article was published in August 2021, and are subject to change.

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