2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro gets world-first debris removal tech

The first shipments of the 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro have arrived, with a welcome colour change and, soon, advanced debris removal technology.

The 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro has arrived in Australia with a fresh new colour scheme, two new fishing rod holders for the front of the watercraft – and, soon, the option of industry-first debris removal technology for the jet pump.

The original green and white colour scheme that debuted with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro in late 2018 as a 2019 model-year has been replaced after its two-year run with a new blue and white livery called Gulfstream Blue. However, both colour options are still offered in the US.

The changes to the 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro have come with a modest $200 price rise – to $20,699 for the basic model, not including trailer and registration – which typically add between $1500 and $2000 depending on registration fees in each state and the quality of the trailer. 

The 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro equipped with the revolutionary new reverse thrust debris removal system costs from $21,299 (a $600 premium), however the first shipments of examples equipped with that technology are not due until February 2021, with the next batch due mid-2021.

High output Bluetooth audio speakers mounted in the front of the foot wells remain a $1000 option on the basic version of the 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro – and on the model equipped with the debris removal system.

The updated Sea-Doo Fish Pro is one of four models in the 2021 Sea-Doo line-up available with an industry-first ‘Intelligent Debris Free’ pump system (IDF). 

The reverse thrust style system is also available on the 2021 Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300, and optional on the 2021 Sea-Doo GTX 170 and 2021 Sea-Doo GTX 230. However, the technology will not be available in Australia on those models until well into in the first half of 2021.

Sea-Doo says the IDF system “quickly and effectively clears debris from the water pump intake with a touch of a button”. 

After switching the engine off and pressing a button, the IDF system reverses the water flow near the intake grate to get rid of debris.

“Debris such as seaweed and other vegetation is a constant challenge for riders, regardless of whether they’re taking a joy ride on a lake or running weed lines offshore,” Sea-Doo Fish Pro ambassador Bri Andrassy said in a statement.

“The (Sea-Doo) design and engineering teams listened, and this revolutionary new IDF technology is going to be a game-changer to make it an easier, less-stressful ride.”

Once the engine is switched off, the rider activates the IDF button near the left handgrip.

This process disengages the driveshaft from forward to reverse using a simple set of gears.

Once an “engaged” message appears in the instrument panel, the rider applies the throttle for about 12 seconds. The system switches off automatically, re-engages forward gear on the driveshaft and is ready to restart.

If the debris has not been removed, you can repeat the process. Sea-Doo says it is effective at removing debris, weeds and plastic bags and claims to have spent “thousands of hours” developing and testing the system.

Meanwhile, other changes for the 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro: in addition to the original four rod holders that come with the 51-litre cooler box on the rear of the watercraft, Sea-Doo has added two extra fishing rod holders near the rider’s knee area.

They are standard on the 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro but can be retro-fitted to older models ($38 per side). They are designed to be easier for the rider to use when the craft is trolling slowly or stopped.

The location of the optional fishing rod holders also minimises reel damage by salt water spray when mounted on the rear of the craft.

The 2021 Sea-Doo Fish Pro retains the 1630cc non-supercharged 170hp engine introduced last year, which was an upgrade from the 1503cc non-supercharged 155hp engine introduced with the original model in late 2018.

Most other Sea-Doo models in the 2021 line-up amount to carryover colours or minor trim changes.

However, the high-performance Sea-Doo RXP-X300 underwent its biggest overhaul in nine years, with a new deck and hull. You can read about that model here.

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